Aspiring to be the man of your woman’s dreams? Or, you simply want to make your woman happy with sweet dating tricks. Want to show her more love?

Are you out of ideas how to do so though? Women can be fickle at times but if you know how to tug at her heartstrings with the right sweet dating tricks chances are you can’t go wrong.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to go out of your way to please her or impress her. If she already loves you, chances are any small act would swoon her. It’s the thought that counts at the end of the day.

Here are 8 simple and sweet dating tricks for men to sweep your woman off her feet.

1. Buy her a gift

gift-sweet dating trick
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This may be a really hard thing to do. Especially if every time you ask her what she wants, she says “you don’t have to get me anything”. Frustrating especially when you’re trying to do something sweet for her.

Any gift will be a sweet dating trick. So, go with intuition. Buy her something she’d get a lot of use from. Does she like cooking? Buy her modern kitchen appliances. Or, kitchen/ entertaining accessories.

Is she really into home decor? Buy her furniture, decor, or other home related things. Maybe gift her a special home gadget like a massage chair? A great home appliance is a thoughtful gift that she’d definitely get everyday use from.

But, if you aren’t sure she’d like such a big purchase, stick to the classics. You can’t really go wrong with chocolate/ sweets and flowers. Chocolates and flowers are a textbook sweet dating trick

2. Decorate/ renovate your bedroom for her

decorate-renovate-sweet dating trick
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The fact that you’d go out of your way to spice up your bedroom for her is a big sweet dating trick. Chances are this would make her feel like you do anything to make her happy. And, would go out of your way to keep her around.

Maybe get a bigger bed for the both of you. Try a platform bed or four-poster bed. Or, change up the theme of your room to fit both of your taste. Go for a very neutral bedroom theme like Scandanavian, Minimalistic, Industrial or Dreamy.

Giving the bedroom a spice up will most likely spice up your bedroom activities too. So, what are you waiting for?

3.  Do the house chores for a day

chores-cleaning-sweet dating trick
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Switch it up. Gender roles are ridiculous. Be the man who doesn’t abide by old ways. Do her chores for a day. Give your woman the break she needs. Something as simple as doing her chores and giving her a break is such a sweet dating trick.

Do the dishes, clean the house, take the trash out, scrub the toilet, and do the laundry. Give the house a deep clean to leave your woman at ease. It isn’t very daunting if you use cleaning hacks.

You’ll definitely surprise her with this act because she’d never see it coming. And, even boost your lovability and desirability. Because what woman doesn’t want to end up with a man who makes her life easier and take such good care of you.

4. Have a long bubble bath together

bubble-bath-together-sweet dating trick
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Do you have a nice sexy tub in your bathroom that hasn’t seen much use recently? Then, it’s time for a nice, long, and relaxing bath with your woman. A bubble bath is such a romantic past time for lovers.

Don’t have a tub? Maybe consider getting a bathtub for future sexy bathroom endeavors. It would definitely spice up your home.

Or, get resourceful and go on a night stay at a nearby hotel that has bathtubs in their rooms. A sexy bath cum night stay? Screams sweet dating trick.

5. Take her on a trip/ vacation

vacation-trip-together-sweet dating trick
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Surprise her with an impromptu road trip or a trip to a nearby place. Don’t wanna go far? Opt for a staycation instead and stay at a local hotel for a night or two. If that still doesn’t fit your budget, transform your bedroom into a luxurious bedroom or at home hotel room.

Make do and adapt. Transforming your bedroom will turn it into a love den and at home paradise. That’ll definitely prompt more sensual bedroom times in the future.

Adventures, be it far or in your own home make for such a fun sweet dating trick.

6. Bring her out on a nice date

romantic-date-sweet dating trick
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Dates are a run of the mill relationship staple. If you’re out of ideas stick to what you know. Take her out on a nice date. Bring her to a fancy or romantic restaurant for dinner. Or go on a brunch date.

If you want a date that is a little different from the usual food date, try movies, a picnic, or maybe even a hike. Dates are the fundamental classic sweet dating trick.

7. Cook for her

man-cooking-sweet dating trick
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What woman wouldn’t swoon at a man who can cook? Well, even if you can’t it’s a really sweet dating trick to cook for your woman. The thought counts! And, the fact that you’d go through the trouble to cook for her shows how much you’re willing to do for her.

If it may seem a little too daunting, opt to cook something really simple and order in some dishes to go with your cooking. In case the food you make isn’t totally edible.

If you’re really lost, one great foolproofing method to use while cooking for her is to get a friend to help guide you in the kitchen. Women find getting a home cooked meal by their man who rarely cooks such a sweet dating trick.

8. Ask her to move in

couple-move-in-sweet dating trick
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If you’re not already living together, this is the ultimate DTR move. It proves to your woman that you want her around for the long term. This act will surely tug at her heartstrings. Nothing screams romantic like a declaration of “what’s mine is yours” for your woman.

Then let her revamp your place a little to fit her taste and comfort. Also, let her make herself feel at home.  And, also give her the impression that you’re open to sharing everything with her.

This has probably got to be the biggest sweet dating trick. It’s such a big step in any relationship.

So, good luck with your mission to swoon your woman! Hopefully, all goes to plan. What are you waiting for? It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day or a special occasion to surprise her. Your woman should be treated well whenever.